Dress to impress they always said. So, how better to remember an icon regardless of generation? From the timeless classic to the courageously wild and wonderful, Durden Art is designed smartly to trigger images burned in our minds, reminding us that a moment can last forever and being human is memorable…


Mr. Durden is an artist, entrepreneur, and advocate for innovative visual storytelling. He has spent the last 20 years as a professional independent thinker, doer, and maker. After graduating with a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design, he quickly began work creating storyboards, architectural renderings, trade show designs, and developing characters for both regional and national clients. Mr. Durden worked with over a dozen advertising agencies, and built a resume full of fancy corporate clients. It wasn’t until making Laguna Beach his permanent home in 2010 that a new focus in his own creative vision occurred and his unique smart pop-art style was born. 

Upcoming Shows and Festivals

CANCELED   Wondercon  March 29-31  2020 Anaheim Convention Center  9:30-7pm

POSTPONED   San Diego Art Walk  Nov 7, 8  2020  11-7pm

CANCELED   Beverly Hills ArtShow  May 19, 20 2020    10-6pm

CANCELED   San Diego Festival of the Arts  Jun 8,9  2020  11am - 10 pm

POSPONED   Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival  Jul 18- Sept 2 2020  10-10pm

CANCELED   Comfest Columbus, OH  Jun 28-30 2020

CANCELED   Comicon San Diego  July 18-21  2020

Past Shows and Festivals

Palm Springs Desert Arts Fest  Mar 3, 4 2019 10-4pm

Palm Springs Desert Arts Fest  Mar 17, 18 2019 10-4pm

Los Angeles Comicon 

Oct 26-28 2019 LA Convention Center 10am-6pm

Laguna Beach Sawdust Winter Fantasy  Nov 14 - Dec 18  2019 weekends 10-6pm

Tempe, AZ Festival of Arts  Apr 2 2019 10-5:30 pm

CCAD Art Fair and Marketplace  April 7, 2019 9-2pm

Laguna Beach Craft Guild  April 24, 2019 9-5 pm

San Diego Art Walk  April 28, 29 2019  10-7pm

Beverly Hills ArtShow  May 19, 20 2019    10-6pm

La Jolla Festival of the Arts  Jun 10-11  2019    10-7pm

Columbus, OH ComFest  Jun 23-25  2019  10-10pm

Comicom, SD Jul 17-20 San Diego Convention Center 10-7:30pm

Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival  Jun 2- Sept 2 2019 10-10pm

Beverly Hills ArtShow  Oct 20, 21 2019    10-6pm

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