99 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Single Dad

Durden Art

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It doesn’t matter who you have destroyed or conquered.
How many ships you have captured or heroes you have forced to surrender.
You are never a hero in your own house or a prophet in your own village.
Their mother is gone and you are determined to force them to walk in your shadow.
You will lead them down the path to greatness.
You will sacrifice your pride to change a few dirty diapers.
You will squash your ego as you struggle to braid the perfect ponytail.
You must swallow your greatness as they apply the eye shadow and lipstick.
Your fingernails have never looked so shiny and pink.
You do everything to give them the worlds.
Tell us the story about the good guys again, Daddy…
We just love how this story ends!!!
“It’s all just a phase,” they said. All kids go through a rebellion.
A man so feared, the galaxy trembles, and still they continue to defy everything you tell them. Your reputation demands respect, and yet, they become more and more like their Mother. You shelter them from the light and show them the love in the darkness.
 You will spend an eternity asking for their loyalty.
Pondering the mysteries of the universe and your very existence.
Perplexed by the circumstances that lead to every decision.
How did you get here and who have you become?

This listing is for one jigsaw puzzle. It is available in 99 pieces (finished comes out to 12x18") 

With excellent picture quality and lasting color, this jigsaw puzzle is the perfect way to keep children of all ages busy and challenged. Puzzle pieces are durable 1.2mm die cut cardboard and arrive with the pieces safe in a plastic bag ready to be put together. Be sure to check out the puzzle boxes made with love for your enjoyment!

99 pieces produces 12x18” finished picture image - Puzzle Box (approx 8x6x1.5in)

Colors may vary only slightly in terms of brightness & contrast due to customer monitor variations. 

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